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Early days:

    Altichiero da Verona(1330–1390),an Italian Painter was the founder of the Veronese school .  He was also known as Aldighieri da Zevio. Altichiero  was a follower of  the great Florenine painter,Giotto.Hence his style of frescoes were inspired by  that of  Giotto in the use of monumental, fundamental, and spectacularly related figures. It is believed he  was probably born somewhere near Zevio. His frescoes were adorned in most popular churches.


Personal Details:


Altichiero da Verona

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Crucifixion,Life of St James


Veronese school



     His career commenced in Verona ,where it is said that he stayed for several years,albeit not much of his works in this period is known. He shifted to Padua in the year  1370 at the invitation of  Duke Francesco I Carrara,for whom he painted  frescoes in Sala dei Giganti and the Palazzo del Capitano. Presently ,of his surviving works, two of his main frescoes cycles are seen in Padua. The first series is the depiction of  the Crucifixion and situations  from the Life of St James,which  adorns the  Chapel of San Felice in the Basilica of San Antonio. The second cycle is portrayal of the  lives of St. George and other saints, which   adorns the Cappella di San Giorgio close by.The  Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua is also adorned with frescoes done by this Italian painter.

Works of Altichiero da Verona:


Life of St James Crucifixion