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Barbara Tyson Mosley

Barbara Tyson Mosley


Personal Details:


Barbara Tyson Mosley

Place of birth

Ontario, Canada.

Date of Birth

October 1, 1964






Actress, singer


Georgetown University

At present residing

Louisville, Kentucky



Early Days Of Barbara Tyson Mosley:

Barbara Tyson was born in Canada. A graduate student of the world-renowned East Sydney Art School, Barbara Tyson studied art specialising in life drawing, examination, mixed medium and watercolours before going on to graduate in Graphic Design. Barbara began work as an artist illustrator and her talents were rapidly noticed and even as still in her twenties was selected Artistic Director for a stable of Australia’s most prestigious magazines. Barbara travelled and painted all through Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom and completed a huge number of watercolour works borrowing techniques and being inclined by a number of artists, but in particular Turner and Monet.

Barbara Tyson Mosley Carriers:

In 1981 Barbara’s recently inspired works won first prize at two art exhibitions in Whitlesea and her life as an artist began. Barbara Tyson Mosley is a mixed-media artist at present residing in Louisville, Kentucky. She is an theoretical painter and fiber artist whose work continues to express the essence of ancient world cultures. Barbara has been working with fabric pieces while early l980's. These works took cause in the legacy of the Indian, the spirit of the African drum, and the simplicity of Asian culture. Barbara is a painter and fiber artist and doll maker.

Miss. Tyson Mosley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the District University of Columbia in Studio Arts/Painting; Master of Arts from Georgetown University in Humanities and is presently working to complete a Master of Fine Arts in Design from George Washington University. She was an Artist-In-Residence at the Vermont Studio Center in l998. And her taught hands-on workshops and lectures at Redford University, The Smithsonian, Cabin Branch Quitters, Potomac Craftsman Guild, and in personal studio sessions. Her work has traveled with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition sequence. The North Coast Collage Society roaming Exhibition, Flossie Martin Gallery, and the Evans-Tibbs Collection

Barbara's body of work has been exhibited and appreciated in many different venues:

  • Galleries, museums and public spaces - from 1984 to present, her work has been exhibited in more than 100 shows.

  • Colleges and Universities - Barbara has participated in shows and exhibitions at Washington and Jefferson College, Radford University, Lock Haven State College, Trinity College, Penn State University, Lorrain County Community College and Georgetown University.

  • Collaborations - several with Kizprint Studios


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