The Tango of love2 is a oil painting done by LEONID AFREMOV using a palette knife only.Leonid afremov was born on 12 july 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus.He is a Russian Israeli modern impressionistic who works mainly with palette knife and oils.Leonid Afremov keeps majority of his art works politically neutral.His paintings describe the emotions and does not make offensiveimpact to everyone.Leonid Afremov tries the viewer to impress his feeling rather than explaining a story of his painting.Afremov's artwork almost satisfies social,ethnic and age group. Leonid Afremov has travelled a quite extension to make his painting more impressive and his painting has been a inspiration to the viewers.Afremov art colours gives a positive vibes. He loves cats and other animals.He has painted many portraits of cats, dogs, horses, tigers and even giraffes. The only political paintings he has are of bull-fighting , where he tries to show the viewer the cruel nature of the sport and discourage the viewers from liking bull-fighting.  


the artist leonid afremov

The Tango of love painting was done inspired by the dance moves.Like jazz, tango is a kind of dance.Tango is a partner dance originated in the 1880's.The Tango has been influenced from African,Native American and European culture.The Tango is otherwise called the dance of sorrow it represents the frustrated love and human fatality although the dance was not so deep and serious originally.

The Tango of love painting by Leonid Afremov was set up to be sold for the price US $239.00


the tango of love