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Alexander Roslin

Alexander Roslin


Personal Details:


Alexander Roslin

Place of birth

Malmo, Sweden

Date of Birth

July 15, 1718

Date of Death

July 5, 1793 in Paris




portrait painter

Work Location

Bayreuth, Paris, St Petersburg

Work Period

From 1740's to 1791




Early Days Of Alexander Roslin:

Alexander Roslin was born on July 15, 1718, in Malmo, Sweden. He was a Swedish Portrait Painter. He spented his Last days in Paris and he died in Paris on July 5, 1793. He plied his deal in Stockholm, Bayreuth, Vienna, Paris and Italy. From 1750 onwards, he worked mainly in Paris.

Alexander Roslin Carriers:

In the year 1759 he married Marie-Suzanne Giroust. Roslin painted King Christian VII at least three times, every time in a different pose: a full-length, showing the King in Coronation Robes, executed in 1768 when the artist was in Paris, is listed as in a Swedish personal collection.

The nobleness of Russia, Austria, Sweden, and Poland were similarly animated in their hobby of his redoubtable talents. His remarkable output, despite an exceptionally meticulous technique, made him one of the most celebrated, and certainly one of the wealthiest, artists in Europe. The recent Roslin display exhibition in Stockholm and Versailles, assembling nearly one hundred fifty portraits. Confirmed that the Swedish artist was at the zenith of his creative faculties during the 1760s. That crucial decade of transition in French art from rococo exuberance to neoclassical constraint.


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