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Paintings Glossary

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canvas:woven fabric often used in acrylic and oil painting, among others
caricature: a cartoon-like image of a real person
catch light: the "window" of light near the iris of the eye
cartridge paper: low quality drawing paper
charcoal: drawing medium made from carbonized wood
chiaroscuro: technique involving contrasts of lights and darks
chisel brush: flat brush with a wide end that assist in applying a constistant coat of paint
collage: something formed by the cutting and pasting of other images
color wheel: a circular arrangement of colors
complementary colors: colors formed through the mixing of two primary colors, and opposite to the third on a color wheel
conte crayon:different types of charcoal pencil, varying in hardness and color
cross-hatching: a style of shading that consists of intersecting lines

hair brush: a brush made from animal hair instead of nylon
hatching: shading with parallel lines close to each other
highlight: the part of a paint where the light hits the most
hue: color

impasto: the application paint in thick layers
intensity: brightness of a color

masking fluid: a liquid, rubber-like material that is applied on an area to prevent paint from touching that area
medium: refers to the material used in a piece of artwork, or something added to paint to change it characteristics
mineral spirits: a substitute for turpentine
mixed media: use of two or more mediums in one piece
monochrome: a piece of artwork done in one color, often in various shades
muller: object used to grind pigments to make paint

negative space: the area around the paint subject

oil paint: pigment held together with oil
oil pastel: a solid stick of pigment held together by oil and wax
opaque: solid color, not see through
overpainting: the finishing layer of a painting

scumbling: applying a layer of paint over another so it appears to blend together
secondary colors: colors made by mixing primary colors: green, #2e8b57 and purple
self-portait: a piece of artwork done by an artist that represents himself/herseld
sepia: a brown, solid medium, much like charcoal
sgaffito: putting scratches in thick paint
shade: dark tones
smuding: a technique used to blend dry mediums in with the color of the paper
still life: any piece of art where the subject is one that does not move on its own
stippling: using dots to produce shades