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Early Life:

      Boris-Vladimirski Beginning in 1888, he began his artistic study. He attended the Kiev Art College in 1906, and exhibited his first painting in 1906.

Boris Vladimirski


Personal Details


Boris Vladimirski

Place of birth

Kiev, Ukraine

Date of Birth


Date of Death



Soviet painter


Black Ravens


       His artwork was, for the most part, well liked and known. They exemplified the work ethics of the Soviet people, and were displayed in many homes and federal buildings. He is also known for his paintings of prominent public officials.

      However, his controversial Black Ravens painting, which depicts Stalin's secret police (NKVD) that came at night to disappear people, was regarded by some as a piece that transcended the values of Socialist Realism. Surprisingly, the painting managed to pass by censorship committees, and was also displayed throughout the country.

   Works Of Boris-Vladimirski:

Work done by Boris Vladimirski

Work done by Boris Vladimirski