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Candido Portinari

Candido Portinari


Personal Details


Candido Portinari

Place of Birth

Brodowski, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth

December 29, 1903

Date of Death

February 6, 1962 (aged 58)






Modern Art


O Mulato, Café, Meninos de Brodowski


   His career coincided with and included collaboration with Oscar Niemeyer amongst others. Portinari's works can be found in galleries and settings in Brazil and abroad, ranging from the family chapel in his childhood home in Brodowski to his panels Guerra e Paz (War and Peace) in the United Nations building in New York. The range and sweep of his output is quite remarkable. It includes images of childhood, paintings depicting rural and urban labour, refugees fleeing the hardships of Brazil's rural north-east, treatments of the key events in the history of Brazil since the arrival of the Portuguese in 1500, portraits of members of his family and leading Brazilian intellectuals, illustrations for books, tiles decorating the Church of São Francisco at Pampulha, Belo Horizonte. There were a number of commemorative events in the centenary of his birth in 2003, including an exhibition of his work in London.

   Works Of Candido Portinari:

Work done by Candido Portinari

Work done by Candido Portinari

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