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Early Days:

   Carl Gustaf Pilo was born on the farm Göksäter in Runtuna Parish near Nyköping, Södermanland to painter Olof (Oluff) Pilo (Pijhlou) and Beata Jönsdotter Sahlstedt.

   Early information about his career contains many inconsistencies, on account of disagreements between two sources contemporary with his life. In spite of his father's protests Carl Gustav chose to be educated as a painter instead of receiving a book education. He probably received his early training from his father, who had earned his living as a young man as a decorative painter at Drottningholm and Stockholm Palace, although other indications say that he was trained by a painter named Crisman in Stockholm, Sweden. Training for Pilo would have begun in Stockholm as early as 1723.

Carl Gustaf Pilo


Personal Details


Carl Gustaf Pilo

Place of Birth

Nykoping, Sodermanland

Date of Birth

1711 – March 2

Date of Death



Painting, Artist




   Pilo’s career began as a craft painter. He became an apprentice in 1731. According to Anton Friedrich Büsching (1754) Pilo traveled through Germany to Vienna 1734-36; this however is contradicted by Thure Wennberg (1794) who insists that Pilo never traveled out of Scandinavia but instead was a student at the newly established Swedish Drawing Academy in 1735. He probably worked as a craft painter between 1733 and 1738.

   He lived 1738-1741 in Skane where he may have worked as a craft painter for two Skansk noble families, the Lewenhaupt family and the Baron Malte Ramel family. Pastoral drawings of his from this time indicate that he may have painted decorations at some estate. He was reputed to be a competent portraitist, and is reported to have painted a large family picture for the widow Countess Lewenhaupt.

   Works Of Carl Gustaf Pilo:

Work done by Carl Gustaf Pilo

Work done by Carl Gustaf Pilo