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Early Days:

   Bomberg was born in the Lee Bank area of Birmingham, the seventh of eleven children of a Polish-Jewish immigrant leatherworker. In 1895 his family moved to White chapel in the East End of London where he was to spend the rest of his childhood.

David Garshen Bomberg


Personal Details


David Garshen Bomberg

Place of Birth

Birmingham, England

Date of Birth

December 5, 1890

Date of Death

August 19, 1957 (aged 66)






   After studying art at City and Guilds, Bomberg returned to Birmingham to train as a lithographer but quit to study under Walter Sickert at Westminster School of Art from 1908 to 1910. Sickert's emphasis on the study of form and the representation of the "gross material facts" of urban life were an important early influence on Bomberg, alongside Roger Fry's 1910 exhibition Manet and the Post-Impressionists, where he first saw the work of Cezanne.

   Works Of David Garshen Bomberg:

Work done by David Garshen Bomberg

Work done by David Garshen Bomberg