Henry Wallis

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Henry Wallis

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London, England

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The Death of Chatterton (1856), The Stonebreaker (1857), The Last of the Clan (1868)

Henry Wallis was a famous English painter who was best known for his painting The Death of Chatterton. Wallis was born in London in 1830 and was educated at Charterhouse, where he was influenced by the works of Rubens and Rembrandt. He first studied art under William Behnes, a sculptor and painter, and later under Thomas Couture in Paris.

Wallis was a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and his paintings reflect their commitment to realism and to detailed observation of nature. His painting The Death of Chatterton was particularly noted for its realism and was highly praised by the Pre-Raphaelites. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1856 and has been described as one of the most impressive paintings of the 19th century. The painting depicts the death of the poet Thomas Chatterton in his garret in 1770.

Wallis was also known for his landscapes and genre paintings. He painted a number of landscapes of the English countryside, which were highly popular. He was also a noted portrait painter and his portraits of his friends, such as William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, are still highly regarded. Wallis also painted some historical paintings such as The Last of the Cavaliers and Death of Nelson.

Wallis was an accomplished and highly respected painter. He was a member of the Royal Academy and was awarded a number of medals for his work. Wallis was an active member of the artistic community and often held exhibitions of his works. He was also an active teacher and taught at the Royal Academy and the Slade School of Fine Art.

Wallis died in 1891, but his work continued to be admired and celebrated. His painting The Death of Chatterton is still considered one of the greatest paintings of the 19th century. His works have been exhibited in many art galleries and museums and his influence continues to be felt in the art world today. Henry Wallis is remembered as one of the great painters of his era and his work will continue to be admired for generations to come.