Juan Villafuerte

JUAN VILLAFUERTE (b.1945, Guayaquil, Ecuador; d.1977 Spain) a very skilled Ecuadorian artist known for his transmutated drawings. During his study in Barcelona, in 1973, he was interested in creating "transmutations" from famous fabrics of Rembrandt, Durero, Goya, and thus taking their capacity for drawing to very high technical levels. His skills in drawing were learned through Hans Michaelsen, a German artist teaching in Guayaquil. The definitive irruption of the Neo-figurativism happened at the beginning of the 1970's, where Jose Carreño and Juan Villafuerte represented Guayaquil. Their work shows a great dedication through the drawing and the picture. In Ecuador, Villafuerte produced many very important pictures and several series of personages. One of his many important works is "You're Cured and Welded" (1972), which shows the maturity of his drawing and the nerve of the color. The artists life was ended in an untimely death in Spain in 1977.

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