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Early Days:

    Padmini born in Kadancheri, a small village off Ponani, a coastal town of Kerala, Padmini was a strong feminine presence in the history of painting in Kerala. She had her education at A. V. High School, Ponani. She had a brief course of training from K. L. Devassi, the arts teacher of A. V. High School, and K. M. Vasudevan Namboodiri (Artist Namboodiri), the well known painter, sculptor and illustrator.



Personal Details


T. K. Padmini

Place of birth

Kadancheri, Ponani a coastal town of Kerala

Date of Birth

May 12, 1940

Date of Death

May 11, 1969






   She joined the College of Fine Arts and Crafts at Chennai (formerly Madras) in 1961 under the guidance of Principal K. C. S. Paniker. She had worked in Madras Vidyodaya Girls High School, Adarsh Vidyalaya Matriculation School and Children's Garden School, as teacher. In May 1968, she married her co-student and well-known painter K. Damodaran.

   Works Of T. K. Padmini:

Work done by T.K.Padmini

Work done by T.K.Padmini