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Robert Motherwell

Robert Motherwell


Personal Details


Robert Motherwell

Place of Birth

Aberdeen, Washington

Date of Birth

January 24, 1915

Date of Death

July 16, 1991 (aged 76)


Painting, Printmaking




Abstract expressionism


Stanford University, Harvard, Columbia University


    Motherwell's greatest goal was to use the staging of his work to convey to the viewer the mental and physical engagement of the artist with the canvas. He preferred using the starkness of black paint as one of the basic elements of his paintings. He was known to frequently employ the technique of diluting his paint with turpentine to create a shadow effect. His long-running series of paintings "Elegies for the Spanish Republic" is generally considered his most significant project.

   Motherwell was a member of the editorial board of the surrealist magazine VVV and a contributor of Wolfgang Paalens journal Dyn, which was edited 1942-44 in six numbers. He also edited Paalens collected essays Form and Sense in 1945 as the first Number of Problems of Contemporary Art.

   Works Of Robert Motherwell:

Work done by Robert Motherwell

Work done by Robert Motherwell