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Early Days:

   Simon Vouet father Laurent was a painter in Paris and taught him the rudiments of art - Simon's brother Aubin Vouet (1595-1641) was also a painter. Simon began his painting career as a portrait painter. At a young age he travelled to England and was part of the entourage of the Baron de Sancy, French ambassador to Constantinople. From there he went to Venice and was in Rome in 1614.

Simon Vouet


Personal Details


Simon Vouet

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

9 January 1590

Date of Death

30 June 1649




Painter and Draughtsman


Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu

Influenced by

Carracci family, Caravaggio, Italian Mannerism, Paolo Veronese, Guercino, Guido Reni


   Works Of Simon Vouet:

Work done by Simon Vouet

Work done by Simon Vouet