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Personal Details



Place of birth


Date of Birth

29 September 1518

Date of Death

31 May 1594, aged 75






Italian Renaissance

Early Days:

   Tintoretto was born in Venice in 1518, as the eldest of 21 children. His father, Giovanni, was a dyer, or tintore; hence the son got the nickname of Tintoretto, little dyer, or dyer's boy, which is anglicized as Tintoret. The family originated from Brescia, in Lombardy, then part of the Republic of Venice. Older studies gave the Tuscan town of Lucca as the origin of the family. Everyone was amused by the speed which he painted, for his phenomenal energy he was termed as II Furiso.


Tintoretto’s first phase includes a group of 14 octagonal ceiling paintings with mythological themes (originally painted for a Venetian palace), which exhibits singular refinement in perspective and narrative clarity. This was also the period of Tintoretto’s closest collaboration with Andrea Meldolla, together they decorated the Palazzo Zen with frescoes. Few months after the compositon of THE LAST SUPPER, he became the center of attention of many artists. Tintoretto was deeply influenced by Titans work but, he never considered tintoretto as a friend. He studied more especially from models of Michelangelo’s Dawn, Noon, Twilight and Night, and became expert in modelling in wax and clay method (practised likewise by Titian) which afterwards stood him in good stead in working out the arrangement of his pictures.

After Titans death, tintoretto with veronese became one of the leading painters in the city, working and controlling huge workshops.


   Works Of Tintoretto:

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