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Personal Details



Place of birth

Pieve di Cadore

Date of Birth

c. 1488/1490

Date of Death

August 27, 1576






Italian Renaissance


Venetian school

itian was an Italian painter and the most important member of the 16th century Venetian school of painting. He is widely considered to be the greatest Renaissance painter and a master of the use of color. Titian was born in Pieve di Cadore, a small village in the Alps, in 1477. He was the son of a small landowner and probably received his early training as an apprentice to a local painter.


itian was also known for his portraits, which were some of the most influential works of the Renaissance. His portraits are known for their sensitivity and psychological insight. He was a master of the use of color and his portraits often featured bold, vibrant hues. Titian's portraits often featured patrons, royalty, and other important figures. Titian was also an influential figure in the development of Venetian painting. He was a leader in the development of the Renaissance style of painting, and his works often featured dramatic compositions, luminous colors, and complex compositions

. His works were some of the most celebrated of the time and many of his works are now considered some of the greatest artworks of all time. Titian died in 1576 and his legacy lives on. He was a master of color and composition, and his works are still admired and studied today. He was one of the most influential figures of the Renaissance and was a leader in the development of Venetian painting. Titian's works revolutionized the art world and his influence can still be seen in many works of art today.


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