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Early Days:

   Trevor Thomas Phillips was born on 24 May 1937 in Clapham, London, and the younger of two sons. His mother ran a ten-roomed boarding house and his father speculated in cotton futures. His family called him Tom. Nobody knew why he was called Tom.
   In 1940 the cotton market collapsed and the family had to sell their home. Tom's father went to work in Aberystwyth, leaving his wife to run a small boarding house in London. After the war the family finances improved and they were able to holiday annually in France and Germany. His parents began to buy short leasehold properties as investments and although these did not yield the return that they wished his mother did buy the freehold of one house, which would later become Tom's studio and home.


Personal Details


Tom Phillips

Place of birth


Date of Birth

24 May 1937




A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel


   Works Of Tom Phillips:

Work done by Tom Phillips

Work done by Tom Phillips