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Early Days:

   Masaccio was born to Giovanni di Mone Cassaai and Jacopa di Martinozzo in Castel San Giovanni di Altura, now San Giovanni Valdarno (now part of the province of Arezzo, Tuscany). His father was a notary and his mother the daughter of an innkeeper of Barberino di Mugello, a town a few miles south of Florence. His family name, Cassai, comes from the trade of his grandfather Simone and granduncle Lorenzo, who were carpenters - cabinet makers. His father died in 1406, when Tommaso was only five; in that year another brother was born, called Giovanni after the dead father. He also was to become a painter, with the nickname of "Scheggia" meaning "splinter". The mother was remarried to an elderly apothecary, Tedesco, who guaranteed Masaccio and his family a comfortable childhood.

Tommaso Masaccio


Personal Details


Tommaso Masaccio

Place of birth

San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

Date of Birth

December 21, 1401

Date of Death





Painting, Fresco


Early Renaissance


Holy Trinity
The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden


   Works Of Tommaso Masaccio:

Work done by Tommaso Masaccio

Work done by Tommaso Masaccio