Video Game Art

Artistic computer game modification involves the use of a computer game for the creation of a digital artwork. Also referred to as art modding, and game modding. Art mods are not quite the same as art games, although they do share some similarities.

Various genres and styles of art modding exist. Genres or categories are rarely clear cut in this multi-media format, however than can be roughly described based on:

  • Techniques
  • Outcomes


Narrative Machinima
Screen-based narratives made using pre-existing, often modded, computer games. Many of these explore innovative conceptual territory.

Examples:Red vs Blue

Abstract Machinima
Screen-based visual abstractions made using pre-existing, often modded, computer games.

Sound works produced within a game-based production environment.

Generative Art Mods
Exploit the real time capabilities of game technologies to produce ever-renewing art works.

Performative Interventions
Disrupt in-game norms to expose underlying functions of game play.

Site-specific Installations and site-relative mods
Compare similarities and differences between real and virtual worlds, drawing us further into a realit of fantasy.

Real time performance instruments
Allow audio and visual artists to create stunning, live performances in a range of virtual entertainment environments.

Like games, artistic game mods may be single player or multiplayer. Multiplayer works make use of networked environments to develop new models of interactivity and collaborative production.