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Early Days:

    Waldo Peircewas an American painter, born in Bangor, Maine. For many years, until his death, Peirce was both a prominent painter and a well-known character. He belonged to no particular school of art, which may have diminished his long-term reputation, but was sometimes called "the American Renoir." His style was basically representational, colorful, and lusty, clearly denoting his Rabelaisian love of life. A long-time friend of Ernest Hemingway, of whom he painted the cover picture for Time magazine in 1937, he was once called "the Ernest Hemingway of American painters.

Waldo Peirce


Personal Details


Waldo Peirce

Place of birth

Bangor, Maine

Date of Birth

December 17, 1884

Date of Death

March 18, 1970 (aged 85)






The Silver Slipper dance hall adjacent to Sloppy Joe's, painted in the 1930s


    Peirce led a lusty, bohemian life, spending the 1920s in Paris with the so-called Lost Generation celebrities, and was as much known for his eccentricities as for his painting. This may well explain why, upon his death at age 86, such a well-known personality virtually vanished from the history of American art even though he is well represented in most of the major American museums.

Works Of Waldo Peirce: