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Early days:

    In the year 1928 on May 11 yaacov Agam was born, in Rishon LeZion. Yehoshua Gibstein, his father, was a rabbi and a kabbalist. Before moving to Zurich and Paris, he was skilled at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Agam has two sons and a daughter. His son, Ron, is a photographer.

Yaacov Agam


Personal Details


Yaacov Agam

Place of birth

Rishon Lezion

Date of Birth

May 11 1928




Israeli sculptor


Sculpture, Painter

Popular Paintings

Double Metamorphosis, Visual Music Orchestration, fountains


Museum of Modern Art, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum


"Agam Method" for visual education of young children.


Le Mouvement, Galerie Graven,



   Agam's effort was usually conceptual, with movement, viewer participation and recurrent use of light and sound. His most excellent known pieces include "Double Metamorphosis II" (1965), "Visual Music Orchestration" (1989) and fountains at the La Defense district in Paris (1975) and in Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv (1986).In 1996 Agam was given an award as the Jan Amos Comenius Medal by UNESCO for the "Agam Method" for visual education of young children.

   Yaacov Agam collections:

 Yaacov Agam art

 Yaacov Mobility

 Yaacov Red construction


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