Aerosol paint

Aerosol paint is paint contained in a pressurized aerosol spray can mainly used for spray dispensing. Uses range from simple covering of things such as bare metal, touch-ups on various things to the more in depth graffiti or stencil art. Popular Brands are Krylon, Rust-o-leum, and Montana (however Montana Paints are primarily used only for artistic purposes).

By using different tips, or valves, the thickness and opacity of the paint can be changed. Furthermore various artistic brands (such as Montana and Belton) produce paints in both the standard high pressure can, which allows for faster and thicker coverage, and in low pressure cans, which provide for more control and some more artistic flexability, although they normally require more coats of paint. Most Aerosol paints have a metal, glass or plastic ball bearing (known as a pea) inside of the can, which is used to stir(mix) the paint without touching it.

Many street artists, or "taggers" use aerosol paint as an art medium. Many people refer to art using Aerosol paints as a medium as "Graffiti", although this is a mismatched term as "Graffiti" usually referring to an undesirable piece of art. Many Aerosol artists often prefer to refer to themselves as "Writers".

One must carefully use the aersol paint, cover the areas where the paint is not required. Maybe a stencil can be used to protect the surface except the specific shape that is to be painted.writers can use stencils to quickly mark in busy places or leave recognizable tags over a large area.