In fine art painting, the term Bodegon has two meanings. Generically it means any still life painting. Specifically it stands for kitchen still lifes. The Spanish word for 'tavern' is bodégon. Velasquez painted some works in this style but he could by no means be categorized within this sub area of the painters art.


An Old Woman Cooking Eggs

Bodegon basically has got two meanings. Bodegon is derived from the word Bodega which means a cellular or shop for selling food or wine. A Bodegon means a still life painting which depicts pantry items such as game, victuals, and drink, often arranged on a simple stone slab, and also a painting with one or more figures, but significant still life elements, typically set in a kitchen or tavern. Low life or everyday objects is another meaning of Bodegon which can be used to display the painter’s mastery by painting on flowers, fruits, or other objects.



The Velazquez paintings  Old woman frying eggs, andThe lunch are often described as bodegones