Enamel paint

An "enamel paint" is a paint that air-dries to hard, usually glossy, finish used for coating surfaces.

This is a commonly used, yet fanciful term, implying that an ordinary latex or oil-based paint has the same properties as , fired vitreous enamel.

Most of the enamel paints are alkyd resin (is a kind of polyster) based. Some enamel paints have been made by adding varnish to oil-based paint. Oil based paints are recognized by their distinguishable solvent odor properties and are easily cleaned using paint thinner or mineral spirits. The benefits are ease and simplicity of use, quicker drying times, easily cleaned using water alone and is also available in wide range of colors.

The term sometimes refers to oil-based covering products polyesters with good amount of gloss in them. The oil is required to stop or enhance the crosslinking of the paint in order to achieve sufficient flexibility of the paint film.

Commercial enamel paints have been used in artwork by many famous artists over the years. Pablo Picasso is one such artist. Enamel paints are highly functional and have a number of uses. A glossier paint will be tougher and more durable after it has dried and so enamel paints are perfect for coating surfaces that must endure high humidity, such as those surfaces found inside and outside homes, in addition to use on heavy duty industrial applications. Enamel paints are commonly used around the house in areas such as trims, doors, in the bathroom, kitchen, for different types of flooring, stairs, basements where there is a lot of temperature variations.

Enamel paints are practical and popular choice for numerous projects around the home. Water based enamel should be used with care as it takes a bit longer time to dry. Enamel paint can be used on practically any item that is made from metal. Metal surfaces, especially when exposed to moisture, are prone to rusting, oxidation, and corrosion. Hence, painting them will diminish this risk and prolong their life. Enamel paint is used for painting parts of vehicles, boats and even planes, which are exposed to weather conditions.