Preservation is a broad term, applying in several areas where items are preserved or conserved in some manner.

Self preservation is part of an animal's fundamental instinct which demands that the organism survive.
Food preservation: One of the most common areas where preservation is an everyday term, is food preservation.
Art preservation: preservation may also refer to the retention of antiquities for museums or exhibition. This is more usually referred to as conservation.
Film preservation presents unique conservation issues in rescuing aging film stock and preserving recorded images. see National Film Preservation Board.
Historic preservation: the theory and practice of creatively maintaining the historic built environment, and its broader landscape component. See many associations with "Preservation" and "Conservation" in their titles.
Digital preservation: The management of digital information over time requires constant attention.
Case preservation: When a computer stores text, the computer may keep or discard case information; when the case is stored, it is called case preservation.
Wildlife conservation: the active maintenance of animal populations in a secure environment, for example, in wildlife preserves