"The Peaceable Kingdom" is a series of paintings by the American Quaker artist Edward Hicks, created between 1820 and 1846. The series is inspired by a passage from the Bible, specifically Isaiah 11:6-9, which envisions a harmonious coexistence among various species, symbolizing peace and unity. The central theme of the paintings is the juxtaposition of the animal kingdom and humanity, reflecting Hicks' fervent desire for peace during a time of political and social upheaval.

In these works, predators and prey are depicted peacefully cohabiting, and children play alongside these animals, embodying the Quaker belief in the possibility of a utopian, peaceable world. One of the most famous iterations of "The Peaceable Kingdom" is housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In this painting, Hicks skillfully combines realism and symbolism, using a vivid color palette and meticulous detail to convey a sense of tranquility and hope. The serene landscape and the calm demeanor of the animals contribute to the overall atmosphere of peace and reconciliation.



The lush landscape, abundant with verdant foliage and flowing rivers, serves as a metaphorical Eden, harkening back to a state of paradise where peace reigns supreme. The sense of calm is accentuated by warm, diffused light, casting a gentle glow over the scene. Hicks, in his role as a Quaker preacher, used "The Peaceable Kingdom" to convey his anti-war sentiments and his hope for a harmonious future. The series reflects the artist's personal struggles with the violence and upheaval of his time, notably the American frontier conflicts and the Civil War.

The paintings served not only as expressions of artistic skill but also as visual sermons advocating for peace and reconciliation. "The Peaceable Kingdom" endures as a powerful testament to the artist's vision of a world where harmony prevails over discord, a timeless message resonating with those who seek peace and unity in the face of adversity. The series remains an enduring legacy, transcending its historical context to inspire contemplation on the universal quest for a peaceable kingdom.