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Early Days:

   Ramon Pichot was a good friend of Pablo Picasso and an early mentor to young Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali met Ramon Pichot Girones in Cadaques, Spain when Salvador was only 10 years old. Ramon also made many trips to France. Once in a while, Salvador Dali and his family would go on a trip with Ramon Pichot and his family.

Ramon Pichot


Personal Details


Ramon Pichot Girones

Date of Birth


Date of Death

1 March 1925








    He married Germaine Pichot, a well known artist's model, in 1906. Together, they had a restaurant near the Bateau Lavoir, called La maison rose. Pichot left Paris after World War I but returned often to buy books, as he had turned into a bibliophile. On such a trip, he suddenly died on May 1, 1925. Picasso was so shaken by this that he included Ramon's figure in the painting Three Dancers on which he was working at the time.

   Works Of Ramon Pichot Girones:

Work done by Ramon Pichot

Work done by Ramon Pichot