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Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Samuel Finley Breese Morse


Personal Details


Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Place of Birth

Charlestown, Massachusetts

Date of Birth

April 27, 1791

Date of Death

April 2, 1872 (aged 80)


United States of America


Painter and Inventor


   Morse's Calvinist beliefs are evident in his painting the Landing of the Pilgrims, through the depiction of simple clothing as well as the austere facial features. This image captured the psychology of the Federalists; Calvinists from England brought to the United States ideas of religion and government thus forever linking the two countries. More importantly, this particular work attracted the attention of the famous artist, Washington Allston. Allston wanted Morse to accompany him to England to meet the artist Benjamin West. An agreement for a three-year stay was made with Jedidiah, and young Morse set sail with Allston aboard the Lydia on July 15, 1811 (1).

   Works Of Samuel Finley Breese Morse:

Work done bySamuel Finley Breese Morse

Work done by Samuel Finley Breese Morse