Aleksander Orlowski

Aleksander Orlowski (1777–1832) was a Polish painter and sketch maker, pioneer of lithography in the Russian Empire.

Orlowski was born in 1777 in Warsaw to a humble tavern-keeper. Since early childhood he became known as a prodigy and soon Izabela Czartoryska financed his first classes of painting with the notable artist Jan Piotr Norblin. In 1793 Orlowski joined the Polish Army and fought in the Kosciuszko Uprising against Imperial Russia and Prussia, but was wounded and returned to Warsaw for further studies, financed by Prince Józef Poniatowski. He studied with many notable painters of the epoch, among them Norblin, Marcello Bacciarelli and Wincenty Lesserowicz. After the Partitions of Poland in 1802 he moved to Russia, where he became one of the pioneers of litography.Among his works are countless sketches of everyday life in Poland and Russia, as well as scenes of Kosciuszko Uprising and other Polish wars.