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Painting Media

There is a wide 'variety of artists' paints available for the professional or ameteur artist.Different types of paint are usually identified by the medium that the pigment is suspended or embedded in, which determines the general working characteristics of the paint, such as viscosity, miscibility, solubility, drying time, etc.

A Painting and Drawing Art Mediums List

Out of all the artistic mediums, drawing techniques and painting styles have the most variation in terms of the different art mediums available to choose from. Painting and sketching have been the most commonly applied mediums in art history, and the art mediums list for this section will cover what materials there are available to choose from.

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The Art of Painting:

An easy-to-understand description of painting media and techniques for art students, self-learners, and art collectors.

Basic Terms

Paint is a fluid substance made of pigment suspended in a liquid binder that is used to cover or decorate a surface.
Paintingis the process of applying paint to a surface using tools such as brushes, a roller, a painting knife, or a paint sprayer.

Medium or media is the material and tools used to make a work of art. Technique is the method and procedure used with an art medium.
Craftsmanship is the skill with which the media and techniques are employed.

Painting Media and Techniques :-

Acrylics :

Binder : acrylic polymer
Vehicle (solvent) : water
Ground : prepared(gesso) or raw canvas, paper, wood, glass, etc.
Drys fast/permanent
Versatile media - can mimic oil, tempera, and watercolor.

Oils :
Binder: linseed oil
Vehicle (solvent): turpentine, mineral spirits
Ground: prepared canvas, paper, wood
Drys slow/permanent
Versatile media

Tempera :
Binder : gum arabic and water
Vehicle (solvent) : water
Ground : paper, prepared wood panel
Drys fast/water soluble
dry, matte surface
Egg Tempera : egg yoke can be added to make it enamel-like and permanent.

Watercolor :
Binder : gum arabic and water
Vehicle (solvent) : water
Ground : paper
Drys fast/water soluble
transparent to transluscent

Examples include:

Encaustic (wax)
Heat-set oils
Water miscible oil paints
Pastel, including dry pastels, oil pastels, and pastel pencils
Spray paint (Graffiti)