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Early days:

    Alexandre Nikolayevich Benois was one of the geatest artists who  was born into the artistic Benois family.He was one of the founding members of Mir iskusstva. Mir iskusstva  was a  prominent Russian magazine,which influenced Russians who helped revolutionize European art during the first decade of the 20th century.His father Nicholas Benois as well as his brother Leon Benois were popular Russian architects.


Alexandre Benois


Personal Details:


Alexandre Benois

Place of birth


Date of Birth

May 3, 1870

Date of Death

Feb 9, 1960





Popular Paintings

Soldiers of Catherine II,Last Promenades of Louis XIV,Promenade of Empress Elizabeth through the Noble Streets of St. Petersburg



    As he didn’t have plans to  enter into the field of art,he  graduated in Law from St. Petersburg University.However,couple of years later,his watercolor paintings depicting  Last Promenades of Louis XIV  were exhibited by  Pavel Tretyakov.These paintings were brought to the attention of  Sergei Diaghilev and Leon Bakst.Eventually the magazine Mir iskusstva was together founded by them.

Works of  Alexandre Benois


Soldiers of Catherine       Promenade of Empress Elizabeth through the Noble Streets of St. Petersburg


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