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Early days:

    Alfred Joseph Casson was born in Toronto, Ontario, in May 17, 1898 .At the age of 9 he shifted to Guelph and to Hamilton by the age of 14. He left school at the young age of 15 to work as an apprentice at a Hamilton lithography company. Along with this , he studied art at Central Technical School. Eventually he moved to Toronto at the age of 17 and moved to Toronto.


Alfred Joseph Casson


Personal Details:


Alfred Joseph Casson

Place of birth

Toronto, Ontario

Date of Birth

May 17, 1898

Date of Death

Feb 20, 1992





Popular Paintings

White Pine


Canadian Group of Painters



       The first public exhibition of Casson's work was at the Canadian National Exhibition, in 1917. He was hired by the art firm Rous and Mann. At Rous and Mann, Alfred was inspired and apprenticed by Group of Seven member Franklin Carmichael to try out his own paintings.Carmichael introduced Casson to The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, where he met several popular artists, including other Group of Seven

    After Frank Johnston, a Group of Seven member, left the group in 1921, Casson seemed like the suitable replacement. Later in 1926, he was invited by Carmichael to be a part of a Group of Seven member.He left Rous and Mann in 1927 and joined Sampson Matthews, where he was made their art director and later their vice-president.Once Group of Seven ended, he co-founded the Canadian Group of Painters in 1933. Casson had a painting style with clear colours and background designs.

Works of  Alfred Joseph Casson:


White Pine