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Early days:

     Andreas Achenbach (1815-1910) was a German landscape painter who was born at Kassel in the year 1915.His completed his art education  at the Dusseldorf academy under the guidance of Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow.His brother Oswald Achenbach was also a painter.


Andreas Achenbach


Personal Details:


Andreas Achenbach

Place of birth

Kassel, Germany

Date of Birth

September 29, 1815

Date of Death

April 1, 1910



Art Education

Dusseldorf Academy of Painting,Germany



Popular Paintings

Watermill in Westphalia,Return to Harbour in Rough Seas,Bring in the Catch





   Andreas Achenbach painted mainly Rhineland villages, Norwegian landscapes and North Sea coast scenes, which was  immensely influenced by Dutch seventeenth-century painting.

    In his early works he followed the pseudo-idealism of the German romantic school, but  later, on shifting  to Munich in 1835, the stronger power of L. Gurlitt turned his ability into new channels, and he eventually became the founder of the German realistic school.His works are displayed  at most of the important German galleries of modern art.

Works of  Andreas Achenbach:

Watermill in Westphalia      Return to Harbour in Rough Seas       Bring in the Catch