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Annibale Carracci


Annibale Carracci


Personal Details:


Annibale Carracci

Place of birth


Date of Birth

November 3, 1560

Date of Death

July 15, 1609





Popular Paintings

The Assumption





        Annibale, with the design and implementation of noble fresco series as the lyrical Romulus cycle (1588-1592), in Bologna's Palazzo Magnani, was immediately recognized as the most talented work belonging to the Carracci family.Among his oil paintings of this period include The Butcher's Shop and The Assumption.

        Annibale was invited to Rome in the year 1595 to adorn the state apartments of  Palazzo Farnese,which were the city’s most fabulous fresh private palace.He started his masterpiece, the splendid ceiling frescoes in the Galleria, by the year  1597. Set against a painted architectural background, portraying  stucco heroic pictures, bronze plaques, and engraved marble decorations were 11 huge easel paintings in elaborate frames. They depict, in  idealized  human form, scenes of the pagan gods, fetched  from the fables of the Roman poet Ovid. Completed by 1604, the frescoes astonished Rome's artistic world.

Works of  Annibale Carracci:

The Assumption The Butchers Shop