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Antony Tapies 

Antony Tapies


Personal Details:


Antony Tapies

Place of birth

Barcelona, Spain

Date of Birth

December 13th 1923




Painting, Sculpture, Lithography

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Early Days Of Antony Tapies:

Antoni Tapies was born in Barcelona in December 1923. As a child his health was poor. Antony tapies is a Catalan painter. He is one of the most well-known European artists of his generation. After studying law for 3 years, he dedicated himself from 1943 onwards only to his painting. He is possibly the best-known Catalan artist to appear in the period since the Second World War. In 1950 he seized his first solo exhibition, at Galeries Laietanes, Barcelona. At that the same year, the French government awarded Tapies a scholarship that enable him to spend a year in Paris. At present he is living in Barcelona and is represented by The Pace Gallery in New York.

Antony Tapies Carriers:

After his studying to become lawyer in his hometown of Barcelona, Antoni Tapies switch his career to painting, but never established any formal art training. He was the organizer of Dau al Set (“Seven on the Die”). It is a group of Spanish writers and artists. His paintings take use of many influences, including abstraction and Surrealism. 1953 his work was shown in the Martha Jackson Gallery in New-York.. Tapies seized his first solo-exhibition in the United States in 1953 and created an international repute.

In his most recent paintings, he creates “matter” paintings that slot in varieties of mixed media. During the 1950s and 1960s, Tapies exhibited in major museums and galleries all through the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America. In 1966, he began his collection of writings, La practica de l’art . In 1972 Tapies received the Rubens Prize of Siegen, Germany.


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