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Early days:

       Apelles, born in Colophone in Ionia  was a popular painter of ancient Greece.He was considered to be one of the superior artists  who flourished during the 4th century BC. His study of painting began under Ephorus of Ephesus,but later after he became  popular,his studies continued  under  Pamphilus at Sicyon.

Personal Details:



Place of birth



4th Century BC




Alexander Weilding a Thunderbolt



       He painted the young Alexander with so much interest and effort that he turned out to be the accepted and popular painter of Macedon.His picture of Alexander weilding a thunderbolt(attached is probably a Roman copy of his work) was one of the much appreciated paintings.However,this picture also led to a controversy.Plutarch,the Greek historian and biographer remarked negatively regarding Alexander’s colouring in this painting.He stated that the complexion of Alexander was depicted as dark-skinned,whereas it was believed that he was fair skinned,with a ruddy tinge on his face and chest.None of his paintings however survive till today.

Works of Apelles:

Alexander Weilding A Thunderbolt