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Early Days:

   Andre was born in Quincy, MA. He completed primary and secondary schooling in the Quincy public school system and studied art at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA from 1951 to 1953. While at Phillips Academy he became friends with Hollis Frampton who would later influence Andre's radical approach to sculpture through their conversations about art and through introductions to other artists.

Carl Andre


Personal Details


Carl Andre

Place of birth

Quincy, MA

Date of Birth

September 16, 1935






Phillips Academy, Andover, MA



Influenced by

Hollis Frampton, Frank Stella


   In 1965 he had his first public exhibition of work in the "Shape and Structure" show curated by Henry Geldzahler at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery.

   Andre's controversial "Lever" was included in the seminal 1966 show at the Jewish Museum in New York entitled Primary Structures.

   In 1969 Andre helped organize the Art Workers Coalition.

   In 1970 he had a one man exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and has had one man exhibitions and participated in group shows in major museums, galleries, and kunsthalles throughout America and Europe.

   Works Of Carl Andre:

Work done by Carl Andre

Work done by Carl Andre