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Early Days:

   Cecilia Beaux was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the youngest daughter of French silk manufacturer Jean Adolphe Beaux and teacher Cecilia Kent Leavitt, daughter of prominent businessman John Wheeler Leavitt of New York City and his wife Cecilia Kent of Suffield, Connecticut. Cecilia Kent Leavitt died from puerperal fever twelve days after giving birth at age thirty-three.

Cecilia Beaux


Personal Details


Cecilia Beaux

Place of birth

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date of Birth

May 1, 1855

Date of Death

September 7, 1942 (aged 87)


Portrait painting




Francis Adolf Van der Wielen, Académie Julian, Académie Colarossi


   Her childhood was a sheltered though generally happy one. As a teen she already manifested the traits, as she described, of “both a realist and a perfectionist, pursued by an uncompromising passion for carrying through.” She attended the Misses Lyman School and was just an average student, though she did well in French and Natural History. However, she was unable to afford the extra fee for art lessons. At the age of sixteen, Beaux began art lessons with a relative, Catharine Ann Drinker, an accomplished artist who had her own studio and a going clientele. Drinker became Beaux’s role model, and she continued lessons with Drinker for a year. She then studied for two years with the painter Francis Adolf Van der Wielen, who offered lessons in perspective and drawing from casts during the time that the new Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts was under construction. Given the bias of the Victorian age, female students were denied direct study in anatomy and could not attend drawing classes with live models (who were often prostitutes) until a decade later.

   Works Of Cecilia Beaux:

Work done byCecilia Beaux

Work done by Cecilia Beaux