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Early Days:

   Claes Oldenburg was born in Stockholm, Sweden, the son of a Swedish diplomat. As a child he and his family moved to United States in 1936, first to New York then, later, to Chicago where he graduated from the Latin School of Chicago. He studied at Yale University from 1946 to 1950, and then returned to Chicago where he studied under the direction of Paul Wieghardt at the Art Institute of Chicago until 1954.

Claes Oldenburg


Personal Details


Claes Oldenburg

Place of Birth

Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth

January 28, 1929


Sculpture, Public Art




Pop Art


Latin School of Chicago,
Art Institute of Chicago


   While further developing his craft, he worked as a reporter at the City News Bureau of Chicago. He also opened his own studio and, in 1953, became a naturalized citizen of the United States. His first recorded sales of artworks were at the 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago, where he sold 5 items for a total price of $25. He moved back to New York City in 1956. There he met a number of artists, including Jim Dine, Red Grooms, and Allan Kaprow, who’s Happenings incorporated theatrical aspects and provided an alternative to the abstract expressionism that had come to dominate much of the art scene.

   Works Of Claes Oldenburg:

Work done by Claes Oldenburg

Work done by Claes Oldenburg

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