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Early Days:

   Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, (7 March 1802 – 1 October 1873) was an English painter, well known for his paintings of animals—particularly horses, dogs and stags. The best known of Landseer's works, however, are sculptures: the lions in Trafalgar Square, London.


Personal Details


Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

Date of Birth

7 March 1802

Date of Death

1 October 1873


English painter




   Landseer was something of a child prodigy whose artistic talents were recognized early on; he studied under several artists, including his father John Landseer, an engraver, and Benjamin Robert Haydon, the well-known and controversial history painter who encouraged the young Landseer to perform dissections in order to fully understand animal musculature and skeletal structure.

   Landseer was a notable figure in 19th century British art, and his works can be found in Tate Britain, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kenwood House and the Wallace Collection in London. He also collaborated with fellow painter Frederick Richard Lee.

   Works Of Sir Edwin Henry Landseer:

Work done by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

Work done b Sir Edwin Landseer