Felix Arauz

Felix Arauz (b. 1935, Guayaquil, Ecuador) Another very important artist to come out of Guayaquil, Ecuador in the last fifty years. Arauz is among the art circles of Oswaldo Guayasamin, Enrique Tabara, Eduardo Kingman, Anibal Villacis and Juan Villafuerte. Arauz studied at the School of Beautiful Arts and the School of Modern Humanities. During his second year his father passed away leaving Arauz feeling nostalgic and isolated. Arauz funneled his emotions into his work creating some of the most beautiful heartfelt and dreamlike imagery to date. Both his use of color and his compositions are simply brilliant and leave a huge lasting impression on the viewer. Arauz paints in many mediums but his preferred method is oleo texturado, or oil paint with texture. It is, from the fastening, of the intersection of the dream and the reflection, from where the art emerges from. Every time (each Series, each picture), elaborates with greater clarity its formal elements before combining them on the supports, and this exercise does not diminish, in minimum, its spontaneous, constant of its vast splendid pictorial work. Very instinctively it exerts plenary session dominion of his calligraphic touch that is, without a doubt, one of the most appraised gifts of the great artists. But that gift comes with the artist, and it is necessary to take care of it, to nurture it, by means of a work destiny, and this is important in the life of Felix Arauz: to work indefatigable, enthusiastically, every day, without truces nor lethargies, but eluding the trends to reproduce, soles in hand, works that had demand or, to say it without euphamisms, to work summoned single by commercialist aims as it happens in many.