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Early Days:

   Sir Henry Raeburn was born the son of a manufacturer in Stockbridge, a former village now within the city of Edinburgh. Orphaned, he was supported by his older brother and placed in Heriot's Hospital, where he received an education. At the age of fifteen he was apprenticed to a goldsmith, and various pieces of jeweler, mourning rings and the like, adorned with minute drawings on ivory by his hand, still exist. Soon he took to the production of carefully finished portrait miniatures; meeting with success and patronage, he extended his practice to oil painting, at which he was self-taught. The goldsmith watched the progress of his pupil with interest, and introduced him to David Martin, who had been the favourite assistant of Allan Ramsay the Latter, and was now the leading portrait painter in Edinburgh. Raeburn was especially aided by the loan of portraits to copy. Soon he had gained sufficient skill to make him decide to devote himself exclusively to painting.

Sir Henry Raeburn


Personal Details


Sir Henry Raeburn

Place of Birth

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Date of Birth

4 March 1756

Date of Death

8 July 1823




Portrait Painter


   Works Of Sir Henry Raeburn:

Work done by Sir Henry Raeburn

Work done by Sir Henry Raeburn