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Early Days:

   Epstein'sparents were Polish Jewish refugees living on New York's Lower East Side. His family was middle-class Orthodox Jews, and he was the third of five children. His interest in drawing came from long periods of illness; as a child he suffered from pleurisy. From a young age, Epstein rejected his family's orthodoxy and grew tired of religious ceremony.

Sir Jacob Epstein


Personal Details


Sir Jacob Epstein

Date of Birth

November 10, 1880

Date of Death

August 19, 1959 (aged 78)






   He took an interest in pantheism and anarchism, but claimed in his autobiography that his only real interest was art, and that he was never politically or religiously active as an adult. He studied art in his native New York as a teenager, sketching the city, and joined the Art Students League of New York in 1900. For his livelihood, he worked in a bronze foundry by day, studying drawing and sculptural modeling at night.

   Works Of Sir Jacob Epstein:

Work done by Sir Jacob Epstein

Work done by Sir Jacob Epstein

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