James Baynes

James Baynes (1766 – 1837) was an English painter who worked primarily with watercolours. He wedded Mary Mann in 1785 at Marylebone Church, London. Their son, Thomas Mann Baynes (1794-1854), was also a noted watercolour artist.

James Baynes works include:

The Well in Carisbrook Castle (31.5 x 28, ink and wash)
Castle Ruins with Figures (45.4 x 62.4, watercolour on paper)
Caernarvon Castle across the River (37.7 x 53.8, watercolour on paper)
City Street Corner Scene with Figures (26.03 x 18.16, watercolour on paper)
Figures on a Lakeland Track (18 x 29, watercolour on paper)