Majka Kwiatowska

Majka Kwiatowska (1949)

Polish painter. Graduated from the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy, she has also attended the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris on a scholarship.

The end of her studies was contemporaneous with the outset of the events, which came to change the whole political landscape of Eastern Europe. While taking an active part in the Movement of Independent Culture by organizing clandestine exhibits and artistic events as well as the aid for painters and sculptors, she have developed her personal style: after a gray period, expressing the atmosphere of these difficult years, subtle colors later made their appearance – they filter a secret light that captivates the spectator. Her abstract painting further elaborate the perspectives first explored by Mark Rothko. A subtle force and emotional tension emanate from her pieces; a veil darkening the soul enfolds them, but an internal light prevails in the end.

Majka Kwiatowska has been awarded various prizes, notably the Polish Association for the Visual Arts’ Gold Medal (1993). Her paintings are exhibited in the prestigious collections of The Polish National Library in Warsaw, The Warsaw City Hall and The Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese. They can be found in private collections all over the world.