Max Liebermann

Max Liebermann (July 20, 1847 in Berlin - February 8, 1935) was a German painter. From 1884 on he worked most in Berlin.

He painted scenes of the people in the country, his life and his work. Later on together with Lovis Corinth, and Max Slevogt he became an exponent of the German Impressionism. Liebermann collected paintings of French Impressionists. He later chose scenes of the bourgeoisie as motives of his paintings as well as his garden close to the lake Wannsee. In Berlin he became a famous painter of portraits.

From 1899 to 1911 he presided the Berliner Secession. From 1920 on he was president of the Prussian academy of arts. In 1933 he resigned after he was forbidden to paint because he was Jewish and the academy decided not to exhibit paintings of Jews any longer. Liebermann is known for his comment while he saw the Nazis marching through the Brandenburg Gate celebrating the takeover of Adolf Hitler: "One cannot eat as much as one would like to vomit."