Mikhail Evstafiev

Mikhail Evstafiev b. 1963, Russian artist, Red flowers by Mikhail Evstafiev. oil on canvas. 2003.photographer, writer.He began painting and photographing at an early age. His mother, grandmother and great grandfather - all prominent Russian sculptors - inspired him to develop his own style in art. His work is listed in "Allgemeines Kuenstlerlexikon" (The World Biographical Dictionary of Artists). In the 80s he served in Afghanistan for two years and later published the novel "Two Steps From Heaven"about the Soviet war. Mikhail Evstafiev has exhibited broadly, including in China, Europe, Russia and the United States. His paintings and photographs are in the collections of the Moscow House of Photography and SOLMS, Gallery der Leica Camera AG, as well as in private collections in Austria, Britain, France, Russia and the United States. His work appeared in leading international magazines and newspapers and was published in numerous books.