Nikolai Alekseyevich Kasatkin

Nikolai Alekseyevich Kasatkin (Russian:; December 25, 1859 – December 17, 1930)1 was a Russian painter.

Kasatkin was born in Moscow. He studied under Vasily Perov from 1873 to 1883 at the Moscow School for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and taught there from 1894 to 1917. In 1891, he became a member of the Peredvizhniki (The Wanderers), a group of Russian artists which originated from Saint Petersburg. In 1922 he joined the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AKhRR).

Kasatkin started with genre painting with impressions of workers and miners in Donbass. In the wake of the Russian Revolution of 1905 he became a forerunner of socialist realism.