Norman Garstin

Norman Garstin (August 28, 1847 - June 22, 1926) was an Irish artist associated with the Newlyn School of painters.

He was born in Cahirconlish, Co. Limerick, Ireland, and was involved in various professions such as journalism and gold-mining in South Africa. In 1885 he befriended members of the Newlyn School and settled there a year later, moving to nearby Penzance in 1890.

His work consisted primarily of small oil panels in the plein air style, something he had picked up from the French Impressionists such as Edouard Manet and Edgar Degas. He was also fascinated by Japanese calligraphy and admired the work of the American painter James McNeill most famous painting was The Rain it Raineth Every Day (1889; Penzance, Penlee House Mus. & A.G.). His daughter, Alethea Garstin, was also a painter.