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Early Days:

   Philip Goldstein born in 1913 in Montreal, Canada, Guston moved with his family to Los Angeles as a child. Guston's Ukrainian-Jewish parents escaped persecution when they moved from Odessa, Ukraine. Guston and his family were aware of the regular Klan activities against Jews, blacks and others which took place across California during Guston's childhood. When Guston was 10 or 11, his father hanged himself in the shed, and the young Guston found the body. Guston began painting at the age of 14, and in 1927 he enrolled in the Los Angeles Manual Arts High School, where both he and Jackson Pollock studied under Frederick John de St. Vrain Schwankovsky and were introduced to Modern European art, oriental philosophy, theosophy and mystic literature.

Philip Guston


Personal Details


Philip Guston

Place of Birth

Montreal, Canada

Date of Birth

June 27, 1913

Date of Death

June 7, 1980 (aged 66)


Abstract expressionism, Social realism, Figurative painting







Influenced by

American scene painting, Regionalism (art)


   Works Of Philip Guston

Work done by Philip Guston

Work done by Philip Guston